Reviews Start Coming in for “Sirens”

Here are several new reviews of Craig Safan’s new album “Sirens: Music Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey”.

Milhnea Manduteanu –

Craig Safan recreates a world, or more worlds, even, that me as a listener become part of and I just love taking this journey with him. The way he mixes sounds and different instruments, some electronic, other orchestral, simply works.

The way he mixes sounds and different instruments, some electronic, other orchestral, simply works.

The complexity of this work, the multiple layers of music and emotion, the dreamy state, the questions, everything works and lights up my imagination; I want sequels, I want to hear and explore more from this world. If you want to hear something different and discover an artist’s own vision about a legendary story, do not miss this album.

Anne Carlini –

With a style consisting of often improvising as a form of composition that allowed him to quickly express himself, trust me when I say that his was the most perfect choice of composer for this highly expressive work of musical art.

Listening to each and every track – twice now, I’ll have you know – the complete, new opus of work transports the listener into the world of Odysseus and the Sirens seamlessly; track to track.

Chris Hadley – Film Score Monthly

Sirens is a wondrous experience that serves as another example of Safan’s compositional abilities. Instead of strictly adhering to the chronological progression of Odysseus’ arc in The Odyssey, or of creating set pieces that correspond to major story milestones in the poem, the composer uses his music for Sirensto represent the timeless emotions that he and others have felt while reading the dramatic journey.

Anett Fodor – Music and Vision Daily

Calm and stormy seas, birds and bird-like sirens, beautiful nymphs and frightening creatures, gods and demi-gods all seemed to come alive in my imagination. At the same time I felt a kind of continuous motion and the rhythm of a perpetual journey. The latter is conveyed by the frequent use of pulsating ostinatos, appropriate tempi and strong accents. However, Safan uses different musical techniques to express feelings. The blending of classical instruments with new electronic techniques combined in melodious, catchy themes, resulting in an unusual orchestration. One can feel both the old and the new — an alloy of the familiar with innovative ideas — on every track.